Saucey Lady Oyster Company was founded in 2014 by Tim Jordan and Walt Dickson.  Tim and Walt are charter members of an oyster growing program initiated by The TCC Wakulla Environmental Institute (WEI) to promote acquaculture and create jobs in the economically challenged coastal communities of Wakulla County, FL.  Our oyster leases are located in the pristine waters of Oyster Bay near Panacea, FL.  Our offices are in Panacea, FL.  Wakulla's coastline is 85% undeveloped and owned by local, state and federal government entites.  This ensures a clean, nutritious, safe environment that enables us to grow a rich, creamy, firm textured oyster that is free from hazards experienced by the more populated coastal areas.

Saucey Lady Oyster Company utilizes the Australian Long Line method of producing oysters. Our oysters are grown off the bottom of the bay in baskets to protect them from predators and ensure them the nutritional benefits of the water column.  The are routinely culled and raised out of the water to ensure that they become clean, plump, well rounded, meaty, salty, gourmet quality oysters when harvested.  Upon harvest, they are graded for size and quality to assure our customer's satisfaction.  Only our best oysters are brought to market.  We are very proud of our oysters and hope you will enjoy them!  If you do, ask for SAUCEY LADY OYSTERS!

Saucey lady oysters